Following a Campaign

SBrick, a week before the end.

      A few days after its launch we were presenting SBrick as one of the most promising crowdfunding campaign of the summer. It appears that our prediction was right. The campaign reached its goal of 60 000 pounds pledge yesterday, a week before the end of the campaign.

SBrick founder Mark Bollobas has managed to continuously establish a dialogue with its community. More than a hundred comments, suggestion and feedbacks have been exchanged through their Kickst
arter campaign. The team also handled a successful back up of the campaign on its social media platforms, created an authentic buzz in the Lego community.

This successful crowdfunding campaign has transformed the young start up into an establish brand for the Lego Community. A success mainly based on trust and open dialogue between the SBrick brand and its community. The challenge now is the capability of SBrick founders to keep the support and involvement of their community during the next steps of the company growth, keep using their advices, shaping their service accordingly the community needs. This crowdfund is a great beginning and we wish SBrick will keep cocreating with this success in the future too!

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